Aquarium/fish Tank/Pond Maintenance service for Melbourne

This is a reminder to new and existing customers that we still offer a aquarium, fish tank and pond maintenance service in Melbourne’s  metro areas. If you have a aquarium, fish tank or pond that needs cleaning, we offer you either a one off service or regular monthly maintenance for your fish/plants/corals when required. We specialize in both freshwater and saltwater servicing, so no job is to big or small.

We also offer a aquarium/fish tank moving service, so if you need your aquarium/fish tank relocated/moved from one place to another, we can arrange that for you.

Our maintenance people are here to help, so if you need either of these services, please ring us for a quotation. We are more than willing to help you with your fish needs.

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Likes collecting different sorts of catfish, the rarer the better.
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One Response to Aquarium/fish Tank/Pond Maintenance service for Melbourne

  1. Benjamin Breytenbach says:


    We’re moving from Glen Iris ti Richmond early in April and need to get some help with moving my aquarium.

    It is a 120 l tank with a stand containing 2 peppermint bristenoses, 3 corys, 2 angels and a about 10 zebra and cheetah danios. As well as a few plants, a piece of driftwood and a couple of rocks.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me a quote to help move our fishy kids to Richmond with us.

    Thank you


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