Aqua Medic Percula 90 – Introduction

Percula 90 with Livestock - more than a year after setup.

The Begining

A little over a year ago I setup an Aqua Medic Percula 90 reef tank. I have been involved in the aquarium industry in Australia for many years but it had been some time since I’d run a tank of my own. I also wanted to see if the Aqua Medic unit performed as well as it looked and thought the setup would afford me the opportunity to test a range of reef equipment and supplements.

Tank Prior to Setup

The idea was to blog the tank’s development and demonstrate the effect that various bits of kit and differing maintenance procedures had on the livestock. While I have been taking plenty of photos, shooting video and taking notes, I’ve not posted until now. Why, I hear you scream in unison?

Because I also wanted to show off. As I’ve, said, my involvement with the industry goes back a long way, (I actually had a marine tank with under-gravel filters and remember the excitement when the first trickle filters appeared), I’ve had quite a few tanks and successfully maintained a wide variety of fish and invertebrates. So of course it was going to be quick and easy to knock up a dazzling display – you know, the kind we see at . Well it wasn’t.

Artificial Rock in Place

Despite years of experience, access to a number of aquarium gurus and all the magic gizmos and potions under the sun, it’s been a good deal harder than I expected to get the tank looking reasonable. I’ve lost more coral than I’d like to admit, (often for reasons unknown) and I’m still far from thrilled at its state – but it is coming along and I guess if those of you new to the hobby only take away one bit of advice, (from the wealth of knowledge yet to be displayed), it is be patient. Like anything worth doing, establishing a thriving reef tank is difficult although for those of us with a passion for the hobby – that’s what makes it worthwhile.

So over the ensuing months I’m going to show you what I’ve done, why I did it and what effect it had. I’m also going to try and be as honest as possible. I want you to try and remember that keeping aquariums is part art and part science; everyone has their own theories and techniques and there are way too many variables at play to always know exactly what’s going on. I encourage any questions and comments and am interested in your aquarium stories, successful and otherwise.

Percula 90 with Livestock – more than a year after setup.
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