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Welcome to the Aquatic Creations Online Aquamedic Blog. In this series we will be setting up an Aquamedic Percula 90, (280lt) Reef Aquarium from scratch. Apart from putting the tank and filtration system through its paces, we will also be testing various pieces of ancillary equipment, supplements and test kits, demonstrating their usage and showing the effects on tank inhabitants. With the upsurge in popularity of nano-reefs we thought it would be useful to do a study of a small tank and while the Percula 90 cannot properly be considered a nano, (the generally accepted definition being 140ltrs or smaller), our Aquamedic tank is of a size where the lessons learned will be applicable to those of you maintaining nano-reefs.

Basic Equipment:We decided to employ the Aquamedic Percula 90 in this project for a number of reasons. Firstly, we had one in stock. While it is a relatively expensive unit, it’s surprising that the product isn’t more popular given the innovative nature of its design and the quality of its finish and internal components. The setup comes with a Turboflotor Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer, driven by an included Ocean-Runner PH2500 Pump, for the return, an Ocean Runner PF1000 Pump is supplied and two Ocean Runner PF1000s with Mechanical Filter Cartridges are included to provide circulation. Bio media, (Aquamedic Multi-balls) ample to fill the built in chamber in the backdrop are included, as is the drip tray and pre-filter sponge.








The setup comes without a heater, (which is not surprising given that the pumps alone seem to hold the ambient temperature in the tank above 24°C) but we will be using a Jager 150W to ensure there is no sudden drop in temperature. We will be discussing temperature in more detail later. An Oceanlight 150W Metal Halide comes with setup as well as a stainless steel suspension kit to hang the light from the roof. Given the tank is being setup in my apartment and my landlord as a peculiar, irrational aversion to holes being bored into the ceiling, we had a pair of stainless steel brackets welded up from which to suspend the light. Aquamedic do offer their own light brackets but we were unable to secure these locally for the project. A 13,000K bulb is shipped with the light as standard but we have opted to upgrade to a 16,000K, a 20,000K bulb is also available. I’ll be discussing the rest of the equipment in another post. Until Next Time – Cheers!

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I have been involved with the Aquarium Industry for over 25 years and have worked in a number of Melbourne stores. I'm also co-founder of Aquatic Creations Online.
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