Custom Starfire Aquarium Installation

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Here is a sneek peak of one of our current, custom installations – a large Starfire Tank just minutes after being carried in to a prestigious address in a Melbourne beachside suburb. A Custom Starfire Aquarium will allow approximatley 30% more light to pass through the viewing panes than ordinary clear float glass. Starfire Glass also lacks the greenish hue of ordinary glass.

Stand Built For Normal Viewing Height

In the picture to the left, our master tank maker consults with the client. We take great care to ensure that our client’s expectations are met. Below you can see a picture of the side view of the tank.

Stay tuned for more pictures as this exciting project develops. Using Starfire Glass for Custom Aquarium Construction may cost a little more but we believe the results speak for themselves.

Side View of the Aquarium


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I have been involved with the Aquarium Industry for over 25 years and have worked in a number of Melbourne stores. I'm also co-founder of Aquatic Creations Online.
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