Aqua Medic Percula 90 Equipment


The Percula 90:

The cabinet is shipped flat-packed and some assembly is required. The cabinet goes together very easily with the resultant unit being solid and stable. As the cabinet is flat packed and the tank comes witthin its own palette.

The Percula 90 Backdrop devoid of pumps and equipment. The bio-balls were removed in stages after about a year.
Note the Acopora, (a somewhat ambitious attempt). A nice Leather and one of my all time favorite fish – the Watchman Goby known as “Goober”.

We are able to ship these units. The filtration system is housed behind a backdrop, (a glass wall partitioning off the rear of tank). This type of design was once very popular although we don’t seem to see as many today. I have included a couple of pictures of one of my old backdrop tanks from twenty something years ago.

Backdrop Trickle Filter Aquarium. Photo from more than 20 years ago.

The backdrop system employed for the Percula 90 is far more sophisticated and includes a number of neat features. Firstly a double overflow wall with two separate filter combs ensures that a blocked comb does not cause an overflow as a drain in the lower portion of the first wall allows water to pass through to the backdrop even if the comb is completely chocked with physical matter. This feature also affords the user some control over the water height in the main tank area which is controlled by altering the height of the two combs. Water then passes into the Protein Skimmer chamber which also houses the Skimmer Pump beneath the reaction chamber. The height of the water column within the Skimmer chamber is crucial for efficient operation of the Skimmer, being controlled by a secondary baffle between the Skimmer chamber and the bio-filter chamber. It took me a bit of fiddling about to work this out and the manual could have been clearer on this subject.

Water leaves the Skimmer chamber at the bottom through a cut off at the very rear of the tank. It then rises up through a coarse sponge pre-filter attached to a sliding acrylic panel for easy removal. Next the water cascades over a lip and onto a drip tray above the Aquamedic multi-balls. The drip tray is well designed in that it both effectively prevents physical matter from entering the bio-chamber and is easily removed for cleaning. It is vitally important that detritus does not enter the bio-chamber as the balls themselves cannot be cleaned without killing colonizing bacteria. This goes for any biological filter. An egg-crate grid at the bottom of the bio-chamber prevents any of the bi-media from being immersed. Water is drawn from beneath the bio-chamber into the next and final filtration chamber housing the return pump adjacent to it. The return outlet is close to the bottom of the backdrop and a short length of PVC hose runs from the nozzle of the pump and into the tank. We toyed with the idea of employing some kind of elaborate spray bar assembly to distribute filtered water but opted to setup the tank as it is supplied. We may add something here down the track.

Aqua Medic Percula 90 with Backdrop Equipment. The Circulating Pumps are housed in the left side chamber, the Protein Skimmer in the right.

Lastly there is a chamber at the far right hand side, which is completely separated from the rest of the filter system and which is designed to hold the two circulation pumps and the heater. This is a great feature which not only conceals equipment but also allows the user to quickly and easily remove the pumps for servicing. Over the years I’ve seen a great many tanks with pumps buried beneath piles of rock where it is nigh on impossible to remove and clean them. It is vitally important that pumps be serviced regularly to ensure they are operating correctly and to avoid burnouts caused by blocked intakes.

Next Time: Additonal Equipment and Setup – Until Then Cheers!





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2 Responses to Aqua Medic Percula 90 Equipment

  1. Gavin says:

    Can somebody tell me what the 2nd last chamber is for in the aqua medic percular 90 ? It’s the one that has the hole in the bottom of the glass and I can’t see how the water gets into the last chamber ??


  2. Richard says:

    Hi Gavin – if you’re talking about the central area with the hole at the bottom, this is where the return pump is situated. The water enters the backdrop section from the far right where the protein skimmer would be placed – it then leaves that area and passes through the small baffle where the sponge filter resides. From there the water enters the bio chamber, (by trickling down through the bi-balls) and then passes through a gap at the bottom of the glass and into the central chamber where the return pump pushes the water back into the main display tank. The area on the far left is totally enclosed and is designed to house the circulating pumps such that they are concealed and easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. Hope this helps.

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