Japanese Lava Rock at Aquatic Creations Online

Japanese Lava Rock at Aquatic Creations Online

We’ve just received a small shipment of UWS Samurai Lava rock from Japan. This is a sustainably harvested product collected under license from the world famous Mt. Fuji Volcanic Zone. If you’re interested, drop us a line on info@aco-aquariums.com.au and we’ll send you a link.

Some of the benefits of Samurai Lava Rock:

Aquarium safe and extremely beneficial for aquatic plants, Japanese Samurai Lava Rock makes aquascaping a joy.

Being angular, Samurai Lava makes Iwagumi-style aquascaping simple. The angular edge of the lava rocks is a striking feature to evoke a glistening mountainscape in an aquarium. Having the lava rocks locked into each other firmly, the layout is almost unbreakable.

Samurai Lava has an uneven surface, where mosses and other water plants can spread over steadily. A natural view without extraordinary tools to keep the water plants in position can be created easily.

Rocks are usually acidic or alkaline. When they enter an aquarium, they may change the PH level of the water inside, ended up being not suitable for the inhabitants. Samurai Lava Rocks have a neutral PH level, so the water quality will not be altered. It is safe to put Samurai Lava into an aquarium.

Unlike other rocks, Samurai Lava leaches its energetic nutrients of the earth into the aquarium water little-by-little for a long period of time. The inhabitants will not feel discomfort due to a sudden increment of nutrients. They just do not realise. Samurai Lava is good for raising water plants, shrimps (for shell formation) and fish.

Due to the high porosity, Samurai Lava provides more than adequate homes for beneficial bacteria to attach and to reproduce themselves. It is not only a beautiful aquascaping material, but a perfect choice for filtration too.

Being light-weight, Samurai rock is convenient to transport and easy to use.

We have more coming soon!




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