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Welcome to Aquatic Creations Online. Aquatic Creations Online is here to supply and help you get the most from your hobby. Whether it be cold water, tropical fish tanks or reef keeping that you’re into, as a specialist Aquarium retailer we stock all the latest gear from fish tanks and custom furniture, fish tank filters, fish tank accessories and aquariums that you can immediately purchase online right now.

For Aquariums Melbourne, our Highett store carries the same great range of aquarium supplies as we do online. Come see and buy our tropical fish tanks on display while you peruse our range of Melbourne aquarium supplies.

Aquatic Creations Online has everything you will ever need pertaining to fish tanks and fish tank accessories, Aquariums & Fish Tank Supplies including:

  • Eheim fish tank filters & Aquarium Filter Media
  • Pond filters, pond lighting and water feature pumps from Laguna
  • Reef Aquarium Filters & advanced equipment
  • Aquarium Chillers

Buy Aquariums & Fish Tanks Online or at our
Melbourne Location

8 Parade Railway Parade Highett. We are a specialist custom aquarium manufacturer and stock a wide range of custom aquarium furniture.  A leading builder of Melbourne fish tanks for twenty years, Aquatic Creations have extensive experience with everything from tropical fish tanks to captive reefs. We can even match a piece of custom aquarium furniture to your existing timber and decor.

Click here to see our range of designer tanks and custom aquarium furniture.

We are a platinum Eheim Dealer, a Gold Seachem Dealer and an Aquamedic select stockist. Our online store is operating and Shipping on all Standard items is Free to anywhere in Australia. If you’re looking for fish tanks Melbourne, Aquariums Melbourne or any other Aquarium Supplies Melbourne, why not drop in to our store or else give us a call on (03) 9555 9781 or else email us:

To read more about Aquatic Creations and Aquatic Creations Online – CLICK HERE

Custom Aquariums & Furniture

Every serious aquarist dreams of a custom aquarium designed and built just for them. Aquatic Creations has extensive experience with large scale custom aquarium installations and passionate aquarists wanting to take their hobby to the limit.

Whether you’re looking for a custom aquarium designed to fit a particular spot or trying to find a cabinet and hood to match your existing decor, Aquatic Creations has an extensive selection of aquarium furniture available in a range of custom designs and finishes to compliment your home.

‘Built-in’ Custom Aquariums can offer many advantages such as the ability to hide filtration and water treatment equipment from sight, the convenience of having taps and drains right where you need them and even a dedicated ‘fish room’ where quarantine treatment and breeding tanks can be kept isolated.

At Aquatic Creations, no job is too large and we can even build on site if this is more convenient. We will liaise with your building/architectural team and can provide engineering certification where required. We also provide a colour matching service and can customize a piece of aquarium furniture to match exposed timber and boards.

Looking for something a bit different? We can provide curved glass and manufacture tanks of just about any size and shape imaginable as well as providing aquarium furniture to match. Ask us about low-iron star fire glass which is significantly clearer than normal glass.

Add an extra dimension to your shop floor or board room and impress your clients. Take a look at our gallery here and don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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Aquatic Corner Articles

Japanese Lava Rock at Aquatic Creations Online

12 April 2015

Japanese Lava Rock at Aquatic Creations Online We’ve just received a small shipment of UWS Samurai Lava rock from Japan. This is a sustainably harvested product collected under license from the world famous Mt. Fuji Volcanic Zone. If you’re interested, … Continue reading

Pondmax Automatic Fish Feeder

1 December 2014

It’s Holiday time and not only do we need to start thinking about Christmas gifts but also about who is going to look after our fish whilst we’re away. Well look no further, the PondMax Automatic Fish Feeder makes a … Continue reading

New Artificial Coral

24 November 2014

With the Gift Giving season just around the corner I thought I’d show you our new range of Artificial Coral from Aqua One. These pieces make the perfect decoration for any tank type be it fresh or salt water. As … Continue reading

Juwel Carbax media now available

14 March 2014

The new Juwel carbax carbon media is now available at our store. This media can replace the Juwel carbon sponge in your Juwel aquarium filter system. This carbax carbon media is in a Juwel media basket for ease of use … Continue reading

Australian Mangrove Wood now available

20 February 2014

Aquatic Creations has just had delivered, licenced and permit approved, Australian mangrove wood. We have many shapes and sizes to choose from. Be quick, these are selling fast!

Kazoo Aquarium Ornaments

10 January 2014

Kazoo Aquarium Ornaments Hi again – when it comes to aquarium ornaments, we’ve come a long way from the old days of bubbling treasure chests, plastic scuba divers and “no fishing” signs. Modern manufacturing techniques and the advent of polyresin … Continue reading

Eheim AquaStyle 16, 24 and 35 Aquarium Specials

14 December 2013

We have the Eheim Aquastyle Aquariums available at Super Special prices – the perfect Christmas Gift. Click any of the below links to buy online. The Eheim Aquastyle 16 is $189.95 including shipping. RRP $346.50 The Eheim Aquastyle 24 is … Continue reading

Visit Us On eBay

26 September 2013

For those of you who haven’t had a look – check out our eBay store here.

Aqua One Nautilus 2700UVC

26 September 2013

Now available through our eBay store – the Aqua One Nautilus 2700UVC makes a great choice for the budget conscious Aquarist who deosn’t want to sacrifice filtration capacity or quality.

Very rare Lamax silver dollars available at Aquatic Creations

30 July 2013

We have some very rare lamax silver dollars available for sale. There are only 6 available and they are $295.00 each or 2 for $550.00 at a 6cm size. Be quick, very rare and lots of interest in them.


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